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The Pathways Project is a focused research investigation of specific nonstructural building systems typically used in commercial real estate development. Three specific systems are investigated: precast concrete cladding, in-fill windows, and vertical plumbing risers. These three systems have one common feature; they all are expected to have a direct relationship between earthquake damage and horizontal displacement of the building floor slab. Therefore the goal of the research is to relate actual damage recorded during experimental testing to the lateral drift applied.

In addition, several supporting research and development tasks are developed during the project to provide support to the main experimental testing and analytical simulation of the testing. A cyberinfrastructure development task provides software development of a new means of online synchronization of softcopy data files by multiple users. A remote sensing task provides development of robotic means of detecting damage to vertical plumbing risers after an earthquake. A green engineering task develops methods for the adaptive reuse of precast concrete cladding panels after damage during an earthquake or for other reasons that the panels are deemed unusable. An education task looks at means of preparing undergraduate students for the rigor of advanced graduate study in pursuit of a doctoral degree. An outreach task provides direct professional development training to industry personnel to transfer knowledge gained during the research to direct application.

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