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IC Design group resources and Cadence Tutorials      

Welcome the SJSU IC design group’s Homepage.  The mission of our laboratory is to provide a state of the art environment for students to design, have fabricated through MOSIS, and test analog and digital ICs.


We are very lucky to have industrial project partners, Cadence Design Systems and Synopsis.  We have received a very generous grant from Cadence for a Sunfire server and 21 Sunblade workstations, as well as two interns.  They have also provided free access to Cadences tool set and monies for faculty development.  Synopsis has generously donated their software tools.

Go here to get a Unix Account


Installed CAD tools:

  • The IC446 Bundle from Cadence
  • The LDV31 Bundle from Cadence
  • The full suite of Synopsys CAD tools
  • Silvaco’s Athena and Atlas packages


  • 20 Sunblades in Room 289
  • 20 UltraSparc 10s in Room 291

IC DEsign

Figure 1:  The IC LAb is Famous!



Proposal Format for MSEE or BSEE Projects

Template for Project Presentations

A IC Design Example of a PPT Presentation

How to make nice looking plots for your power point presentation from Cadence simulation data

Paper submitted to JSSC based on Asynchronous Adders

Tale of an IC Engineer

Previous IC Design Projects



Case Sudies


Important Links


·        Links to most university cadence websites

·        http://vlsi1.engr.utk.edu/ece/bouldin_courses

·        Tutorial from WPI

·        Cadence Repository Website

·        MOSIS Web Site

·        NCSU Web Site

·        More UNIX Help

·        class18

·        http://www.ee.washington.edu/class/cadta/hspice/

·        Main site for IIT and James Stine: http://www.ece.iit.edu/~cad/cadence/

·        Specific tutorial to get around doing a test bench http://www.ece.iit.edu/~cad/cadence/spectre2.html

·        This is a SpecterS tutorial using the 741 as an example: http://www.d.umn.edu/~bshaer/cadence/ece3235/spectre.html

·        This tutorial is on Affirma Analog: http://www.egr.msu.edu/classes/ece813/mason/tutorial-c.html

This one is a basic tutorial on the complete digital design F-B design flow: http://vlsi.wpi.edu/cds/

Here is another (good) full tutorial:


  This one is Edgar Sanchez’s website. It has nothing to do with cadence but it’s the best analog design website there is out there.  Check it out when you have some time: