David W. Parent

One Washington Square

EE Department

San Jose State University

San Jose CA, 95192-0084


Fall Spring Office Hours:

ENGR 355



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Voice 408-924-3963 (Email is better.)

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E-mail: david.parent@sjsu.edu

Web: www.engr.sjsu.edu/dparent



Class web pages


Solid State Physics


Intro to IC processing


New Lab!


Design Fabrication and test of CMOS circuits

EE-166 Design of CMOS Digital Integrated Circuits


High Speed CMOS Circuits


Principles of Device Physics


Solar Cells

EE-98 Introduction to Circuit Analysis

EE198 Senior Design

EE 225A

Analog IC Transistor Process Design

Chemical and Materials Engineering & Electrical Engineering
EE/MatE 165 Photovoltaic Fabrication

EE 122

Want to be an EE? (PDF)


Academic Planning Form


Critical Path for Electrical Engineers


Sample 4 year plan


Probation and Disqualification

ENGR 297D Solar Cell Device Physics



IC Group Design Resources and Cadence


    Cadence Help

    Cadence Tutorials

    Friday Lab Meetings


Athena/Atlas Resources

   Help for EE167, EE221, EE222 students

   doing process simulation


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