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Materials Engineering 25
Introduction to Materials

Spring 2007

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Lecture Schedule:

For overall links to each module click here. or you can click on the week by week links below.  The reading links will bring you to notes to review after you have done the assigned textbook reading.

Here is the link for Section 1's Lecture Notes





1:  1/24

Introduction to Materials Engineering

Read Ch 1

2:  1/29

Biomaterials Module: Intro to Biomaterials & Atomic bonding and crystal structure

Read Ch 2, Ch 3.1-3.7


3:  2/5

Biomaterials Module: Team Building Exercise & Defects

Read, Ch 4.1-4.7

4:  2/12

Biomaterials Module: Mechanical Properties

Read Ch 6.1-6.7, Ch 7

W/Th: HW 1 Due

5:  2/19

Biomaterials Module: Phase Diagrams

Read Ch 9.1-9.15

6:  2/26

SOFC Module: Intro to SOFC, Ceramic Structures

Read Ch 12.1-12.2, 13.9-13.11

W/Th: HW 2 Due

7:  3/5

SOFC Module: Ceramic Defects & Diffusion

Read 4.2, 4.5-4.7, 12.5, 5.1-5.6

W/Th: Biomaterials Project Due

8:  3/12

SOFC Module: More on diffusion &

Ceramic Phase Diagrams

Read Ch 9.16, 12.7

W/Th: HW 3 Due

9: 3/19

SOFC Module: Ceramic Phase Diagrams

W/Th: Midterm

W/Th: Midterm




10: 4/2

Sports Module: Polymer Structure

Ch 14.1-14.10

11: 4/9

Sports Module: Mechanical Properties of Polymers

Ch 15.1-15.9

12: 4/16

Sports Module: Composites

Ch 16

M/Tu: HW 4 Due

13: 4/23

Memory Module: Intro to Memory devices/ Electrical Properties

Read Ch 18.1-18.10

14: 4/30

Memory Module: Devices

Read Ch 18.10-18.15

W/Th: HW 5 Due

15: 5/7

Memory Module: Magnetic Properties

Read Ch 20.1-20.7

W/Th: Sports Material Project Due


Memory Module: Magnetic Properties

Tu 5/15 is the last day of class

M/Tu: HW 6 Due


Sect 1 Tues 5/22 2:45-5 pm

Sect 2 Tues 5/22: 7:15-9:30 am




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