Dr. Maryam Mobed-Miremadi

Website: http://www.engr.sjsu.edu/mmiremadi/

General Research Interests:

Specific Research Interests:

Use of high throughput bio-printing in drug delivery, Artificial cell bio-membrane design and porosity characterization for metabolic disorders and regenerative medicine, Immobilization in bio-resorbable bio-degradable hydrogels, Biocompatibility testing


  • Thirumalai S. , Mobed-Miremadi, M., Keralapura, M., "Effect of Therapeutic Ultrasound On Acoustically Sensitive Microcapsules," Proceedings of the 33rd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, (2011).
  • Mobed-Miremadi, M., Acks E., Polasaward S., "High Throughput Miniaturization of Artificial Cells," Art. Cells, Blood Substitutes & Biotech, (2011).