CE267 - Adv. Steel Design
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Kurt McMullin, P.E., Ph.D. - Engineering Building E171
Phone (408)924-3855 - Fax (408)924-4004
Email mcmullin@email.sjsu.edu


Office Hours: see my home webpage


Outline of Course

Course Time: Thursday -  6:00 to 8:45 p.m. in Room TBA

Required Textbooks

Design of Steel Structures, 4th Edition, Salmon and Johnson

Manual of Steel Construction, LRFD , 3rd Edition - students may be able to buy the 3rd Edition at the first class meeting for $80.  The 3rd Edition is not significantly different from the 2nd or 1st Editions.  Students may decide if they wish to use an older version, but are responsible for any changes.

Design of Steel Structures - CE 267 Course Reader by K.M. McMullin - Available from Maples Press (San Carlos St. - San Jose)

FEMA Document 350Students are to obtain a copy of FEMA 350 before the first meeting after the midterm from one of three ways: call FEMA to order free copy,  download and print a free copy from FEMA's website, or photocopy from original on Reserve in Clark Library

Recommended Writing Text:
Alred, Gerald J., Brusaw, Charles T., and Oliu, Walter E. (2000). Handbook of Technical Writing (6th edition) Bedford/St. Martins Press. ISBN: 0312198043 

Grading of Course

Homework = 20%, Paper = 30%, Midterm = 20%, Final Exam = 30%


Catalogue Description

LRFD (Load Resistant Factor Design) of steel structures, including buildings and bridges.  Detailing of steel frames for seismic resistance.  Structural details of connections.  Prerequisite: CE163 or consent of instructor.


Audience of Course

The course is intended for engineers who intend to work on large scale steel design projects. An understanding of basic steel design according to the LRFD Specification is expected of all entering students. The teaching process will be based upon lectures, in-class problems and four large assignments. The material covered is more qualitative than an entry level steel design course. Students will be expected to explain and defend the assumptions used during the assignments.



As part of the student learning, a semester paper is assigned for the student to gain better in-sight into one aspect of the course materials.  The experience of developing this paper is intended to strengthen the students skills at critical thinking and life-long learning aptitude.  A website provides more detailed information about the paper.  As part of the writing process, I will try to provide feedback to improve your paper as the course progresses.  To understand my comments, please see Explanations webpage (note this does get changed so you might visit it periodically.


Homework Assignment #1       

Homework Assignment #2        

Homework Assignment #3        

Homework Assignment #4

  Writing Requirement for all Homework Problems
  Example Writing Requirement


Online Student Handouts

  Capacity Design Lecture Notes
  Lower Bound Value and Upper Bound Value diagram


Course Objectives

By the end of the semester students are expected to be able to:

  1. Evaluate a plate girder or composite beam  for compliance with the AISC requirements.
  2. Design a bracing scheme for a steel column.
  3. Design a shear tab connection according to the guidelines of AISC.
  4. Design a simple assembly according to capacity design principles.
  5. Design a steel structural system to meet the seismic requirements of the Uniform Building Code.
  6. Research and write an engineering paper addressing a subject relevant to the course material.
  Detailed list of course learning objectives
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Minimum Requirements for Grading Exam and Homework Problems

Problems on the exams and homework will not be graded if the student does not correctly determine and draw the shear and moment diagrams. For exams, these problems will be limited to determinant beams that are either simply-supported or cantilever systems.  This requirements is to reinforce the importance of correctly analyzing a structural system before conducting the design evaluation.



The due dates are intentionally scheduled to provide as much time as possible for the student to work and complete the assignment. To allow for grading, work is due on the days assigned in the schedule. Late work will be penalized 10% for each day late.


Communications Requirements

The class meets once per week. To allow for interaction between the student and faculty member every student must have an Email account. In addition, a chat room will likely be established for the course to allow for an electronic media for students and faculty to interact.

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Schedule of Semester

Date Lecture Subject Homework Additional Info
Jan. 23 Beam Elastic and Plastic Bending

Lateral Torsional Buckling

Assign Paper  
Jan. 30 Plate Girders and Elastic Beams    
Feb. 6 Plate Girders - Special Topics

Local Buckling of Beams

  Feb. 10 - Last day to drop class
Feb. 13 Composite Beams  Proposal for Paper Due Feb. 17 - Last day to add class
Feb. 20 Capacity Design Process

Connector Fabrication

HW#1 Due We will be working in the lab this night.  Please wear appropriate clothes (the kind that you don't mind getting dirty).
Feb. 27 Seismic Eccentric Braced Frames

Bolt and Weld Connectors

Mar. 6 Simple Connections - shear tabs and double-angle connections    
Mar. 13 Review for Midterm

Seismic Concentric Braced Frames

HW#2 Due  
Mar. 20 Moment Connections - before the Northridge earthquake Rough Draft of Paper Due  
Mar. 27 Spring Break - no class    
Apr. 3 Midterm Exam - 6:00 to 7:00

Connector Tests

  Midterm will cover beam bending through Eccentric Braced Frames
Apr. 10 Moment Connections - since the Northridge earthquake   Apr. 11 and 12 is the PE for those who are interested.
Apr. 17 Base Plates and Axial Loaded Connections HW#3 Due  
Apr. 24 Torsion of Open and Closed Steel Cross-Sections    
May 1 Stability of Steel Members HW#4 Due  
May 8 Poster Session - Student Paper Topics

Review for Final Exam

Final Paper Due  
May 15 Final Exam -

6:00 to 8:15

  Final Exam will be comprehensive.



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 Messages for Class

Jan 24, 2003 - Add Codes - Students already enrolled in class: Davis, Khinnsann, Wong, Gutierrez, Rao, Mendoza, Ristanovic, Magalhaes, Shenvi, Soe, Joo, Yap, Loh, and Cheng. 

Add Codes for Jonah Ptak=93077, Michael Boitnott=54146, Edsel Palma=07245, Hoa-Anh Le=66414, Marlou Rodriguez=45692, Soonduk Kwon=59119, Sunita Matani=20733, Chung Chung=44574, Pedro Sanchez=44681, Muthanna Omran=35095, Wun Kok-Leong=29853, David Ding=42995, Scott Vigil=88560

Course is CE267, Section 2, Course Code is 21100.