Course Requirements for M.S. Human Factors/Ergonomics

Students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or above in all courses taken in fulfilling prerequisites and the 30 graduate units required by the program. The general requirements for the MS HF/E degree are as follows.

Courses: Sem. Units:
Core Courses  
Industrial & Systems Engineering  
ISE 210 Human Factors / Ergonomics 3 units
ISE 202 Experimental Design 3 units
ISE 290 Seminar for HF/E students 2 units
Psyc 273 Engineering Psychology 3 units
KIN 266 Motor Learning 3 units
Human Factors Experiments and English Competency  
ISE 212 - Human Factors Experiments 3 units
Electives 9 units
Thesis preparation & Thesis 4 units
Total 30 units

All graduate students at SJSU must demonstrate their competency in written English before they can be admitted into candidacy. Visit our English Competency Requirement page for more information. ISE 212, a required course, meets the University requirement for English Competency.

Elective Courses (9 units):

Electives may be selected from a wide range of graduate courses offered on the SJSU campus in Industrial Engineering, Psychology, Kinesiology and other departments. The program does develop and offer its own elective courses from time to time in topics such as usability testing, human computer interaction and others.

Some of these may be of interest to you and will fit with your past experience, but remember that your advisor must sign off on anything before you will be credited in your degree.

Potential List of Approved Electives:
BIOL 265 Environmental Health
Anth 149 Ethnographic Methods
Anth 234 Advanced Research Methods
DSID 131 Interactive and Interface Design
DSID 226 Ergonomics for Design
EDSE 272 Hearing Disorders
KIN 250 Research Methods (in human performance)
KIN 251 Analysis of Research and Issues in Human Performance
KIN 255 Physiological Bases of Human Performance
KIN 256 Environmental Effects of Human Performance
KIN 257 Biomechanics
ISE 114 Safety Engineering
ISE 217 Human-Computer Interaction I
ISE 219 HCI for Cyber Security
ISE 220 User Experience Design
ISE 215 Usability Evaluation and Testing
ISE 260 Seminar in Motivation
ISE 261 Medical Errors Reduction and Patients Safety Engineering
Psyc 206 Psychology of Individual Differences
Psyc 220 Seminar in Experimental Psychology (Meets writing requirement)
Psyc 240 Research Design and Applied Psychometrics
Psyc 255 Seminar in Learning
Psyc 256 Seminar in Perception
Psyc 257 Seminar in Motivation

Seminar Unit Registration Graduate Program in Human Factors & Ergonomics Policy Statement

Each Human Factors/Ergonomics student is required to complete the 2cr ISE 290 Human Factors/Ergonomics seminar. The seminar is typically completed during the student's first year in the program. In addition, after completion of the ISE 290 Seminar, each student in the HFE program is required to return to the Seminar and give two presentations to the seminar class. The first presentation will be a description of their thesis or project proposal and plan following its acceptance by their thesis committee; the second will be a presentation of their thesis results. Each student will be responsible for notifying the Seminar leader pertaining to his/her readiness to schedule each of these presentations.