2013 - The IEEE International Symposium on Mobile Cloud, Computing and Service Engineering will be held in conjunction with IEEESOSE2013 and IEEEIC2E2013, at Hotel Sofitel, San Francisco Bay, USA.

IEEEMobileCloud2013 is conjuncted and co-located with the following conferences:

IEEE SOSE - 7th International Symposium on Service Oriented System Engineering
IEEEIC2E2013 - International Conference on Cloud Engineering

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Today's fast advance of mobile computing and cloud computing is bring a new paradigm shift from conventional mobile computing and wireless communications services to mobile cloud computing and services over wireless internet in the real world. Many people believe that mobile cloud computing will not only completely change the current way of delivering mobile computing and communication services to global mobile users, but also alter their working and life styles with seamless global mobile resource sharing and accesses.

In current mobile computing and wireless services, mobile users commonly use mobile devices with limited computing power and resources to receive regional wireless communication services and limited data services, plus some access to selected mobile applications.Unlike mobile computing, mobile cloud computing leverages emergent cloud infrastructures and resources to deliver innovative mobile cloud infrastructures, platforms, and software-as-as-services, as well as mobile enabled applications services to global mobile device users at any-time and anywhere. It allows mobile users to use low-end mobile devices to access diverse and scalable cloud computing resources (such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and DaaS) and globally connected mobile enabled resources (such as, devices, tags/barcodes/sensors, and wireless networks) to receive unlimited mobile application services.

Clearly mobile cloud computing will provide many exciting new opportunities and enable innovative applications to mobile users, mobile cloud vendors, and businesses. It definitely will bring new computing models and infrastructures to build and delivery mobile services on mobile devices, and change the current ways on how to delivery mobile enabled computing resources, applications, and services to mobile users.Meanwhile, it will impact the ways on how to deliver, store, retrieve, process, and share mobile data and resource on mobile devices for business and private settings. These changes and impacts put forward new research issues and topics for both academic and industry communities.

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