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Workshop Format / Proposed Agenda

A tentative schedule follows:
  1. Welcome and introduction of participants. The organizers will first give a short overview of open issues and of the main arguments arising out of the position papers. (estimated time: 20-30 minutes)
  2. Selected authors (representing the main trends) will be given about 20 minutes to explain how their position relates to other positions and what each sees as the three major issues. We count on having about 5-10 position papers. (Estimated time: 120-130 minutes)
  3. The organizers will propose an identification of the major issues, and the participants will then discuss and select what they hold to be the hottest issues to be examined. (Estimated time: 10-15 minutes)
  4. Next, the participants will work for 70-80 minutes in small groups, with a designated moderator in each group. The groups will each deal with two different hot issues identified, and will produce a summary in the form of points and counterpoints, showing either how several views are irreducibly opposed or how they are complementary. The number of groups will depend on the number of participants and number of issues selected; ideally there should be 3-5 persons in each group. (Estimated time: 75-90 minutes)
  5. Each group will present in 10-15 minutes its findings to all participants, followed by a closing discussion. The workshop report will be written on the basis of these findings and will include an agenda for future exploration and cooperation; it will be made available through WWW and FTP. (Estimated time: 50-60 minutes for five teams)
(Total estimated time: 285-315 minutes, i.e. about five hours +/- 15 minutes, Lunch and breaks are not included.)