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Dr. Rod Fatoohi


Computer Engineering Dept
College of Engineering
San Jose State University, San Jose, California 95192
Office: Engineering Room 273
E-mail: rod.fatoohi@sjsu.edu
Telephone: (408) 924-4059

Research Interests

Networking, object-oriented distributed computing, parallel and distributed systems, and performance analysis.

Educational Background

Ph.D. 1987 Electrical Engineering, Old Dominion University.
M.S. 1982 Computer Engineering, Syracuse University.

Sample of Recent Publications

Development and implementation of a distributed-object job-execution environment (w/ Smith, L.); Journal of Scientific Programming, Vol. 9, No. 1, 2001, pp. 27 - 37.

Performance Evaluation of Middleware Bridging Technologies (w/ Gunwani, V., Wang, Q., & Zheng, C.), Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology, Vol. 33, No. 3, 2001, pp. 161 - 173.

Performance of Zebra Routing Software (w/ Rupinder, S.), Proceedings of IASTED International Conference: Internet and Multimedia Systems and Applications, (Honolulu, August 2001), ACTA Press, pp. 108 - 113.

Design and Implementation of CORBA Based Subscription Server (w/ Maheshwari, R.); Proceedings of the 37th Int. Conf. Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems (TOOLS-37), (Sydney, November 2000), IEEE Computer Society Press.

Middleware for Building Distributed Application Infrastructure;  (w/ McNab, D., and Tweten, D. at NASA); NASA Report NAS-97-026, 1997. A summary of this work is featured in a NASA News article, Middleware Study Sets Foundation for Building a Distributed Applications Infrastructure, 1998.

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Related Experience

1988 - 1996, Research Scientist at NASA Ames Research Center.


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