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Research on biometrics began at San Jose State University under the auspices of the College of Engineering in 1994. The effort has been funded through a number of sponsored projects at the university to study issues relating to the possible use of biometrics in commercial drivers' licensing system(s). This study was completed in 1997. The final report for this study can be accessed through this web page.

The Biometric Consortium established the National Biometric Test Center at San Jose State University in the Spring of 1997.

Originally, it was hoped that the Test Center might establish a set of standards against which the performance of biometric technologies could be evaluated and ranked. Very early on it was evident that the idea of one set of standards for an industry that included many breeds of technologies, each having any number of applications, would not be feasible nor even useful. Therefore, under the direction of Dr. James Wayman, the Test Center has explored a number of essential questions relating to the science underpinning biometric technologies. These include suggesting a taxonomy of biometrics, thus laying the groundwork for a common language for us to use when discussing biometrics.

The resources of the Test Center have been brought to bear on substantial questions that have been impeding the evolution of the industry. Much of the research has sought to demonstrate the mathematical concepts and equations which are the engines of biometric technologies. The Test Center has also been carrying out applied research using currently available biometric technologies.

The Test Center has relied on its academic affiliation and non-partisan position to address a number of controversial issues. It is important to recognize that the Test Center works with people in industry and in government to optimize resources and assist in the development and enhancement of the industry as a whole.

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