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Fall 2014 holds are already placed on student accounts. Academic Hold Removal appointments will start for both Aviation and Technology on Monday, March 31st, 2014.


SJSU Email Login: (Your password is the same as for your MYSJSU)
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EVERY student in the department must visit with a department academic advisor to have their hold cleared before they can register for classes.

Upload the following documents to Canvas (under Courses&Groups - [Department] Advising) before scheduling your advising appointment:
1. Academic Advising Form

Make sure the form is COMPLETELY filled out with your current courses and planned courses for the following semester. YOUR ADVISOR WILL NOT SEE YOU UNTIL THE ACADEMIC ADVISING FORM IS UPLOADED.

2. Academic Planner
Make sure the form is COMPLETELY filled out, and that your academic planner shows clearly what courses are complete and which remain to be completed. YOUR ADVISOR WILL NOT SEE YOU UNTIL THE ACADEMIC PLANNER IS UPLOADED.

Schedule An Advising Appointment:

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Dr. Seth P. Bates
Professor and Chair

Undergraduate Academic Program Advisor
IS 111

NEW Change of Major & DQ/Probation Advising ONLY

Advising Hours Fall 13:
TR: 2:00p - 4:00p
Office: 408 924-3227
Department: 408 924-3190

Professor Daniel Neal
Lecturer and Advisor
IS 133D

Professor Neal will advise ONLY Aviation majors.

Advising Hours Fall 13:
: 408 924-6598

Professor Dianne Hall
Lecturer and Advisor
IS 107

Professor Hall will advise ONLY Technology majors and MSQA.

Advising Hours Fall 13:
Office: 408 924-3204


Change of Major
COE Change of Major Form
Change of Major Form

Business Student Advisement Center
BSAC Home Page
BSAC (Business Student Advisement Center) Information Sheet

Engineering Student Success Center
ESSC Home Page
ESSC Information Flyer

Advising Packets
Packets include program overview,course descriptions, and four year plans.

Find Out When Courses are Offered:
To find out which semester a course will be offered, view our new charts

Technology Courses By Semester

Advising/Student Forms

Contact Us!

Phone:(408) 924-3190
Fax:(408) 924-3198
Industrial Studies Building, Room 111
College of Engineering
Department of Aviation and Technology
One Washington Square, San Jose, CA 95192-0061

Aviation and Technology at SJSU is the oldest department providing degrees in Industrial Technology, Industrial Technology Education, and Aviation in California. We have been preparing students for careers in industry and education for over a century and in Aviation for 75 years.

The BS in Industrial Technology at San Jose State University has been accredited since 1967 by the Association for Technology Management and Applied Engineering (ATMAE. Website: Our BSIT degree was one of the first three programs in the United States to receive accreditation under the then-new NAIT accreditation guidelines in 1970.
The BSIT accreditation was renewed last year through 2015. Accreditation Certificates: C.E.N.T., Manufacturing Systems

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