ISE 217-Human Computer Interaction-Requirements


Each class will focus on a different topic of HCI.  To prepare for class, each student will be expected to complete the given reading assignments.
All students must:

  • Attend the lecture/discussion sessions.
  • Read all assigned material
  • Submit all assignments by the specified due date.
  • Participate in class discussions.
  • Participate in class activities.
  • Participate in team projects.

Lecture and Discussion

  • All students must attend the 2.5 hours of Lecture/Discussion/Activity. Reading and projects are assigned based on schedule.
  • Students are required to discuss selected topics in class and are expected to be prepared for class.

Students must form teams to conduct projects. Teams will normally consist of 3-4 members. Each team will receive a group grade for each project based on a written report and presentation.




Lecture Time and Location

See Desire2Learn

Interaction Design: Beyond Human Computer Interaction, Edited by Rogers, Sharp and Preece, John Wiley & Sons Inc (2011) - Paperback - 688 pages - ISBN 0470665769

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