Spring 2014

E 10 Introduction to Engineering

T. Anagnos, G. Avila, E. Basham, V. De Loza, W. Du, S. Duorah, E. Green, V. Mangrulkar, S. Sepka, M. Smith, J. Valencia, J. Warecki, K. Youssefi

San Jose State University   College of Engineering


Sec. 1: Wed. May 21 at 7:15 – 9:30 AM
Last Name starts with A-K - room E331
Last Name L-Z -room E189

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Welcome to ENGR10 (pdf) (ppt)

World Energy Challenge (pdf) (ppt)

Energy and Power (pdf) (ppt)

Water-Energy Nexus (ppt)

Power & Power Measurement (pdf) (ppt)

Laws of Energy (pdf) (ppt)

Solar Cell Technology (pdf) (ppt)

Solar Products(pdf) (ppt)

Introduction to Sollid Modeling (pdf) (ppt)

Wind Power & Wind Turbines (pdf) (ppt)

The Engineering Design Process (pdf) (ppt)

Concurrent Design (pdf) (ppt)

Structures and Stiffness (pdf) (ppt)

Engineering Success & Teamwork (pdf) (ppt)

Berkeley Stadium Retrofit (ppt)

Written Communication (pdf) (ppt)

Oral Communication (pdf) (ppt)

Sustainability (pdf) (ppt)

Overview of Student Development Paper (pdf) (ppt)

Robot Project Overview (see Robot Project)

Programming Concepts Part A - Variables, Decisions, Looping (pdf) (ppt)

Programming Concepts Part B - Functions, Motors, Sensors (pdf) (ppt)

Programming Concepts Part C - Go To Beacon (pdf) (ppt)

Circuits and Signals Part A (pdf) (ppt)

Circuits and Signals Part B (pdf) (ppt)

Japanese Tsunami (ppt)

What is Engineering? (pdf) (ppt)

Ethics and Engineering Lecture - Lec #1 (pdf) (ppt)

Ethics and Engineering Lecture - Lec #2 (pdf) (ppt)

Ethics and Engineering Lecture - Lec #3 (pdf) (ppt)

Ethics and Engineering Lecture - Lec #4 (pdf) (ppt)

Engineering as a Profession (pdf) (ppt)

Planning for Academic Success (pdf) (ppt)

Industrial & Systems Engineering (pdf) (ppt)

Sustainabilty in Action (ppt)

Academic Success (ppt) (pdf)

Final Exam review (see below)

Engineering as a Profession - part I (ppt)

Engineering as a Profession - part II (ppt)


Professional Societies (ppt)

Whipsaw, Inc. - Design Process

Effective Design Engineer

Mechanical Power (ppt)

Appropriate Technology (ppt)


--Final Exam--

Review for the Final Exam (ppt)

Final Exam Answer Sheet Info (T&E0200) (ppt)


-- Lecture Homework --

Homework and homework solutions are posted in Canvas. Login to Canvas to find them.



-----------------------------------------Excel Project------------------------------------------------------------------

Excel Basics presentation (pdf) (ppt)

Excel Plotting presentation (pdf) (ppt)

Excel Solver presentation (pdf) (ppt)

Learn to use Excel with videos

Lab Exercises

Excel Lab 1 exercises (doc)

Excel Lab 2 exercises (doc)

--------------------------------------------Solar and Fuel Cell Project---------------------------------------------------------

Solar Cell Characterization Guidelines (pdf) (doc)

Solar Cell Characterization Appendix (pdf) (doc)

Solar Cell Characterization Data Sheet (doc)

Fuel Cell Technology (ppt)

Fuel Cell Car (doc)

-----------------------------------------Wind Turbine Project------------------------------------------------------------------

Downloading SolidWorks: login to Canvas for information

SolidWorks - Introduction (pdf) (ppt)

SolidWorks - Sketching and Modifying (pdf) (ppt)

SolidWorks - Reference Planes and Axes (pdf) (ppt)

SolidWorks - Extrude and Revolve (pdf) (ppt)

SolidWorks - Sweep and Loft (pdf) (ppt)

SolidWorks - Rendering (pdf) (ppt)

Modeling the Wind Turbine Blade (pdf) (ppt)



CAD Intro Lab - Exercises (doc)

Guidelines and Grading

Wind Turbine Project Guidelines (pdf) (doc)

Wind Turbine Power Measurement (pdf) (doc)

  • Wind Turbine Performance Data Sheet (doc)
  • Wind Turbine Report Scoring Rubric (pdf) (doc)
  • Wind Turbine Presentation Scoring Rubric (doc)


How the Z-printer works (pdf) (ppt)


Wind Turbine Hub (SolidWorks part file)

How to Import Airfoils into Inventor 2008

Hugh Piggott's web site - Scoraig Wind Electric (see 'Blade Theory' - excellent!)


 Check out this wind turbine project - http://williamkamkwamba.typepad.com/

-------------------------------------------------Robot Project------------------------------------------------------------------

Robot Project Guidelines (pdf) (doc)

Robot Project - Week 1 Programming Tasks (pdf) (doc)

Robot Project Appendix A - GOTO_BEACON (pdf) (doc)

Robot Project Appendix B - How to Solder (pdf) (doc)

Robot Report

REPORT Guidelines (doc) (pdf)

Appenidx C Guidelines (doc) (pdf)

Background Info

Robot Project Overview (pdf) (ppt)

Robot Components and Terms (pdf) (ppt)

Schematic of Robot IR Board (pdf)

IRB Test files (zipped)

Squarebot Assembly Guide (http://www.vexlabs.com/docs/inventors-guide/main/2-structure.pdf)

Easy C (PIC)

GOTO_BEACON Program for PIC controller (zipped files)

Robot Components and Intro to EasyC programming for PIC (pdf) (ppt)

EasyC Environment Tutorial

Programming (Chapter 8 from the VEX Inventor's Guide) (pdf) 33.2 MB, be patient!


GOTO_BEACON Program Cortex controller (zipped files)

Robot Components and Intro to EasyC for Cortex (pdf) (ppt)

General VEX Information

VEX for the Technically Challenged (good ideas for robot mechanical functions)

Tutorial for ultrasonic sensors (ppt) (pdf)

VEX website   (http://www.vexlabs.com/)

Robot Kit Equipment Log (pdf) (xls)

VEX parts log (xls)

--------------------------------------------Water-Energy Nexus---------------------------------------------------------

Overview of hydropower (ppt)

Water-Energy Nexus Project Guidelines (doc)

Lab Setup and Operation (video)

--------------------------------------------Energy Laws Project---------------------------------------------------------

First Law Project Guidelines (doc)

Second Law Project Guidelines (doc)

--------------------------------------------Report Writing---------------------------------------------------------

Examples of APA Syle - EXCELLENT RESOURCE (Long Island University)

APA citation formatting (2 minute YouTube video by StudentsKnow)

Comments on E10 Lab Reports - (doc)

Other Resources

How to Solder -    (http://store.curiousinventor.com/guides/How_to_Solder)

Online Unit Conversion - (http://www.onlineconversion.com/)

Excel Solver Examples -    (http://www.vertex42.com/ExcelArticles/excel-solver-examples.html)

Tools for Excel and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)   http://www.cpearson.com/excel/mainpage.aspx)

Acrobat Reader for viewing PDF files can be downloaded directly from http://www.adobe.com/.

YouTube has lots of training videos for Excel - for example:

Let us know if you find a training video you like and we will post it.

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